About Official London Merchandise

London: arguably the greatest city in the world! A global icon of history, culture, diversity and prosperity. What city can boast as many world famous locations, attractions, streets and buildings?

The Official London Merchandise collection is a celebration of London's most famous and historic place names and globally recognised street signs, such as Oxford Street, Piccadilly Circus, Carnaby Street and Abbey Road. 

Produced under licence and based on the original Sir Misha Black street sign designs and intellectual property, commissioned by Westminster Council in 1967, our official merchandise is a true and authentic representation of his work.

Our quality range of official products includes items such as towels, mugs, light boxes, clothing, bags and bed covers for the UK and international markets. Few merchandising products have such instant global recognition and appeal. 

Official London Merchandise is part of the IconBL Group, a team of dedicated marketing experts experienced in identifying and developing previously un-tapped branding and merchandising opportunities. IconBL's team were considered a safe pairs of hands to bring to market one of 

London's best loved and most iconic assets, the official Sir Misha Black street signs.